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Software Engineer - Dunedin Based

Software Engineer (Graduate - Intermediate)

Company:      CodeLingo Limited
Location:        Dunedin
Work Type:    Full-Time Position

Company Overview

Are you interested in the art of engineering? As engineers, we are good at scaling up anything - except ourselves. As teams scale up, quality and velocity often drop. We're about to change that.


We're looking for a graduate to intermediate engineer who works well in a team and enjoys working on challenging new problems every day.

You'll be exposed to a wide variety of technologies, including Docker, GRPC, GraphDBs and many of the most popular programming languages. While our core stack is Git, Golang and Meteor, having experience in these is not as important as having the ability and interest to quickly pick up new technologies.

You'll be guided by senior engineers and entering on the ground floor of a new company.

Responsibilities will include, but not limited to, server deployments, database optimisations and website updates. You'll be one of CodeLingo's first hires and be instrumental in pushing out our most important release: CodeLingo v1.


Jesse Meek, CEO