Random Things I've Found

There are a few things I found out about recently that I didn’t know about so I thought I’d post them here. You may may also find these useful.

1. Turn off birthday notifications on Linkedin

This used to be a real pain. Having hundreds or thousands of business contacts I don’t want to be reminded several times a day every time someone has a birthday.

From the notifications page https://www.linkedin.com/notifications/ select View Settings, then select Activity in your network and turn off the Birthdays option.

2. Export a PowerPoint slide as a hi-res image

I had a design in PowerPoint I wanted to print as a poster and it only exported a low-res version. This article is how you can change the export resolution.


3. On iPhone see the time each text message was sent

It never occured to me to swipe left to see the times individual text messages were sent on iPhone. The crazy thing is there is plenty of room to show the time for each without this, must be an aesthetic design thing.

How to Geek has this post How to See When a Text Message was Sent on Your iPhone

Swipe left and hold to see times.

Swipe left and hold to see times.