Lightning, Lightening, and Lighting

Having been on the Lightning Lab team for a few months I've noticed a common typo made by many, including myself.  The problem with this typo is that all three words are correctly spelt so your spell checking won't help.

Lighting (Light-ing)- equipment in a room, building, or street for producing light

Lightening (Light-en-ing) - to make lighter

Lightning (Light-ning) - to emit a flash of lightning or fast and sudden

Obviously the correct spelling is Lightning Lab - an intense full time 12 week programme growing startups and making them investment ready.  Or as Lightning Lab alumni George Smith of Glassjar said "Lightning Lab is like a slingshot stretching you to your limits before rapidly propelling you forward. There’s nothing else in NZ like it!"

Lightning Lab Christchurch applications close 12 June 2015 apply at