Pitch Deck Storyboard

This doc will help you to create a compelling pitch deck for raising investment. The idea of this doc is to help you create your unique pitch.  Templates encourage you to do the same format as the template whereas you should focus on what is important to you.

Keep it short, 5 minutes max, but can be even shorter if that is more compelling.  Remember the pitch is not to give lots of info but to get people to meet / talk with  you.


Pitch Videos

The following example pitch videos https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLF3rN6GO_AGvkpLxF6VZIO7CPCF3g8WJL (feel free to watch but not to share publicly as the videos are the property of other third party organisations)

Due Dilience Folder

Here is a format for a due diligence folder.

Term Sheets

Here is a webinar by lawyers Simmonds Stewart explainging capital raising terms sheet and what some of the key terms mean. https://simmondsstewart.com/capital-raising-term-sheets-webinar/