• Entrepreneurial Frameworks - Helping founders grow their capabilities and establish frameworks for making startup decisions, including co-founder selection, financing approaches, and product development.
  • Lean Startup Methodology - Using a Lean Startup approach to ensure assumptions are tested before significant time and expenditure is spent.


  • Strategy development - Facilitating and / or participating in strategy development.
  • Governance - Ensuring your governance grows as your startup matures.
  • Capability Development - Startup founders are constantly dealing with things they haven't seen before.  Building your capability ensures you are best prepared for what may happen next.

Investment Raising

  • Pitch Coaching - We've helped hundreds of entrepreneurs to develop their pitch.
  • Capital raising - Our services include determining your capital needs through to creating an investment proposal, and assisting with term sheets and legal documentation.

  • "Geoff was instrumental in finding my feet as a first time entrepreneur. He guided me through my first negotiations and capital raising. As Chair and CFO of CodeLingo he consistently ensured that we were 100% compliant with all company regulations. Geoff is a pleasure to work with and an asset to any team"
    - Jesse Meek, CodeLingo.
  • "Geoff has helped us hugely in our start up. He caters his advice to your level and doesn't just tell you the answer, which can actually be really detrimental. Entrepreneurship is about thinking the right way. Geoff gives you the framework to figure the answer out, so that future decisions become easier."
    - Peter Randrup, Anteater.
  • "We were at an early stage considering external investment options and distributor agreements. We spoke to Geoff about the big picture details of these areas and the advice he provided was invaluable for our strategic approach to these. Geoff was friendly, easy to talk to and a wealth of knowledge. I could not recommend Geoff more."
    - Josh Flores, MyClient.
  • "The support Geoff gave us in preparing our pitch was invaluable. Putting together an effective pitch is not easy, and not always obvious - the advice and help from Geoff allowed us to present easily and in the best possible way."
    - Jeremy Wyn-Harris, Tincan Labs.
  • "Developster, recently received pitch coaching from the team at Ministry of Awesome. A highlight was Geoff's input and experience, which added real clarify to the developster message."
    - Renea Mackie, Kohknowco Lab.
  • Geoff was extremely helpful during the entire process of SuchCrowd raising capital. He knows the ins and outs like the back of his hand. He was supportive, easy to talk to and very generous with his time. Awesome person to work with."
    - Abbe Hyde, CEO, SuchCrowd

Here is a sample of some of the companies we work with