Startup Jobs

Below are a list of job posting from our portfolio and clients.  All positions are based in New Zealand unless specified.  Contact the company directly if you are interested.  

SLI Systems (Jan 2017)

SLI Systems (SLI.NZ) enables the world's leading e-commerce retailers to accelerate sales by connecting shoppers with the products they're most likely to buy. 

CodeLingo (Jan 2017)

Are you interested in the art of engineering? As engineers, we are good at scaling up anything - except ourselves. As teams scale up, quality and velocity often drop. We're about to change that. 

By encoding their knowledge and code patterns CodeLingo can guide developers and automate code reviews, significantly reducing the time spent by senior engineers manually reviewing code.

Pensolve (Aug 2016)

Efficient review of engineering spreadsheets. Pensolve allows engineers to quickly find calculation errors and understand the design decisions in spreadsheets.

  • Experienced full-stack developer (part-time or fill-time) (Christchurch based)

PropertyPlot (July 2016)

Your one-stop shop for home buying - Property information for first home buyers and property investors.   

Debtor Daddy (May 2016)

Automated receivables management software.

AccountingPod (May 2016)

Reimagine Financial Education - Learn using real data in real life situations.

  • Front end developer -  ASP MVC 5 w/razor, node.JS, javascript, jquery, bootstrap,  knockout.js, CSS, and HTML - 6 to 7 week contract.
  • Full stack developer - C#, preferably experience with Xero API - 6 to 7 week contract.

Startup Providers

The following service providers work with our portfolio companies or ecosystem colleagues.

Happy New Zealanders

Web site and mobile app development - experience in Java, Java script, Android, iOS, Wordpress and cross platform mobile application development platforms (Xamarine, Titanium, jquery mobile).

Price: Under $50/hr


More service providers to come.